Antonio Bras Dionisiode Dhandréa is above all a descendant of nobles but by the Grace of God he never needed the title to stand out in one way or another, his youth has been documented as countless and countless times Dionisio de dhandréa as he is widely known, was news in one way or another in the newspapers and magazines of our city and the press in Brazil, first of all a born artist in which he has the power to replicate pieces of sculptures in any way or thus also create them, he stands out superbly for his his personal independence since God granted him to have 24 natural professions.
After being a telephony and telecommunications designer where he discovered that he could produce the plan of any existing building without the original plans with complete accuracy, he was the official plastic artist of the 19th of July Medal of the Municipality of São José do Rio Preto, also the artist -official plastic of the Medal of the 150 years of São José do Rio Preto, and later becoming an icon where he stood out tremendously in various sectors of society in the State, becoming twice the art and advertising editor of one of the largest newspapers from Rio Preto..
Sculpting in concrete the two Historical Geographical Landmarks, the "Locating Monuments of the National *Historic country road cattle way*, one of which was installed where the first remnants of the birth of the aforementioned road in Paranaiba-MS are located and the other where this road ends on the historic map, At the Roundabout between the Military Police Battalion of Barretos-SP and the former Frigorífico dos Inglêses, today FRIBOI, Antonio Bras Dionisio de Dhandréa became recognized and honored in various ways by Brazil, which also for works of art with recycled material won the friendship of princes and princesses of Europe.
A dapting and dedicating himself to various sectors such as social assistance, he also collaborated with numerous official institutions and high-level entities, one of which stood out was his initiative to create a donation of Historic and Artistic Heritage of great economic and representative value to the 17th Military Police Battalion of São José do Rio Preto-SP, which for the beautiful initiative ended up also being honored. 
Also in 2019, he launched the "Troféu Somar" award, to honor celebrities, businessmen and authorities who collaborated with social initiatives linked to his person and thus manages to hold a brilliant party with a huge barbecue for all the guests, since the style of the party was sertanejo and also in 1022 held the first youth festival of country music for children and teenagers from 10 to 16 years old with recognition and presence of young personalities from Television and the world of world beauty at no financial cost, for its production.
In this tireless way and always wanting to create more, he pursued the idea of having an international magazine, edited in English from our city and region to abroad, where for many years struggling to understand the procedures of rodeos, shows and all the elements of these areas linked to the culture of the land, which is now being implemented here.