What happens to the big rodeo productions in our region?

  • 25/03/2024
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What happens to the big rodeo productions in our region?
What we are currently seeing and following on social media and the internet is a series of complaints about musical attractions, or shows by smaller stars, or depending on the preference of the general public, complaints about big stars or singers, such as the more expensive and more traditional ones. the parties are disappointing rodeo fans, seeing cheaper artists being hired for big productions.
We saw this in relation to Barretos, since the complaint was general, after this second year in which Publico will not see the former ambassador of the great Barretos rodeo party, in this year 2024, the Singer Gustavo Lima.
Paulo Emilio Marques' Great Country Bulls Rodeo also made the public complain about the selection of singers hired, as the residents of São José do Rio Preto expected something better.
Now it was finally the turn of neighboring São José do Rio Preto, the small city in Palestine, a Rodeo Festival ranked among the three largest in Brazil,,, to have the launch of its program for May 29th at 01:00. June, receiving serious criticism mainly from cowboys and cowgirls and the more traditional social wing of the region, in relation to the artists hired for shows on party and rodeo nights.
On the other hand, the population is aware that many of these events are financed by governments and a lot of funding from official cultural units and especially in election years, from mayors and councilors, the public knows that it could be better.
We know that large party productions in the hiring sector have been surprised by the few agendas and dates for hiring, the arrangement, according to which each star or singer can support a number of shows per year, given this, many have already agreed to this year, a year in advance, which makes it impossible to make better hires, in case there is a delay in organizing the next events, each rodeo production.
But these great experts and professionals from the country's biggest events also know this, and I am on the side of the people who work and deserve their favorite artists on stage.
Therefore, it is sensible that the greater the festival's production, the greater the funds issued for its implementation.
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